Mo'Nique & Sidney's Open Relationship

Mo'Nique & Sidney's Open Relationship

Open Relationship is a play on words referring to Mo'Nique's announcement to publications that she and her husband of close to 10 years, Sidney Hicks, have an Open Relationship. Though the real intent behind her statement refers to their long history together, their Open-Minded Relationship simply means that something like an extra-marital affair wouldn't be a deal breaker to their marriage. They build upon the public discussions surrounding this concept to explore the openness and communication that is necessary for us all to have better relationships with others, in anything including Open Relationships, Falling in Love, Discussing Sex with Our Children, and everything in between. As Mo'Nique & Sidney would say, "The mind is like a parachute; it’s no good unless it's open.”

  • Monday, October 24th
  • Is your house a home or just a house?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk about aspects of turning a house into a home.
  • Monday, October 17th
  • "The Birth of a Nation" And The Parallels From Then And Now In Hollywood

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss the movie "The Birth of a Nation" and how some of the issues are still prevalent today.
  • Monday, October 10th
  • Afraid To Face Your Fears?

    Fear.  Everyone has it, but how do you deal with it?  Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss facing your fears.
  • Monday, October 3rd
  • Are you at peace with yourself?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney elaborate on being at peace with ourselves.
  • Monday, September 26th
  • Prostitution: Is it good or bad?

    Sidney and Mo'Nique talk about the good and bad of prostitution being legal.
  • Monday, September 19th
  • Do you have a hard time giving and receiving love?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss giving and receiving love and issues surrounding reasons we don't give or receive love.
  • Monday, September 12th
  • Sitcoms back in the day: What was your favorite sitcom from back in the day?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney remember and talk about their favorite sitcoms that we all grew up on.
  • Monday, September 5th
  • Colin Kaepernick: Is he right for standing up by not sitting down?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss the current issue of Kaepernick's decision not to stand during the singing/playing of the "Star Spangled Banner".
  • Monday, August 29th
  • Bible Teachings or Slave Sermons

    Mo'Nique and Sidney along with guest, Jeremiah Camara talk about beliefs or lack of beliefs in Bible teachings.
  • Monday, August 22nd
  • Do you do for others what you've asked others to do for you?

    Sidney and Mo'Nique discuss the reciprocity and/or the lack of reciprocity in friendships.
  • Monday, August 15th
  • Are you happy? If so, why? If not, why not?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney and family discuss things that make them happy.
  • Monday, August 8th
  • What happened to good customer service?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk about experiences with good and bad customer service.
  • Monday, August 1st
  • Are you waiting on the Lord?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney speak on their thoughts about how individuals place life responsibilities on God.
  • Monday, July 25th
  • Are you a spiritual terrorist?

    Sidney and Mo'Nique share thoughts on those who use their spiritual beliefs to judge others thoughts and actions.
  • Monday, July 18th
  • Is there a double standard with white people vs people of color?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk about double standards that may exist among people of color and white people.
  • Monday, July 11th
  • Do you enjoy being a parent or is it a burden?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss aspects of parenting.
  • Monday, July 4th
  • How do you deal with your anger when you have been wronged?

    Sidney and Mo'Nique talk about how they handle their emotions when they feel they have been wronged.
  • Monday, June 20th
  • What is heaven or hell to you?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss a belief of heaven and hell.
  • Monday, June 13th
  • Do you believe everything you hear?/Discussing our tax concerns

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk openly about the recent IRS debt news.
  • Monday, June 6th
  • How do you express your opinion?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk about ways in which we express ourselves and how it may be interpreted.
  • Monday, May 30th
  • Episode 20: Do you talk too much?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney expound on talking too much.
  • Monday, May 23rd
  • Episode 20: Are you the best you can be or are you better than everyone else?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk about being our best selves and/or competing with others to be better than them.
  • Monday, May 16th
  • Are You The Same Person In Public That You Are In Private?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney expound on the topic of how some are one way "behind closed doors" but different outside of those doors.
  • Monday, May 9th
  • The N Word

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss the use of the word 'Nigger' and how some may be affected by it's use.
  • Friday, April 29th
  • Supernatural or Strange Experiences

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss their experiences with strange happenings.
  • Monday, April 25th
  • Do you have to be talked off the ledge or are you the one doing the talking?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk discuss situations where folks are talked out of doing things out of anger and the folks who talk them out of it.
  • Monday, April 18th
  • Do You Use Sex As A Weapon?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk about different ways and instances that we (female and male) use sex as a weapon.
  • Monday, April 11th
  • Do You Stand Up For Others?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss helping and speaking up for others when there is an injustice or wrong-doing taking place.
  • Monday, April 4th
  • The Folks We Love and Why

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk about people they have encountered and why they love them.
  • Sunday, March 27th
  • Do You Believe?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss how the things we believe in can come into existence based on those beliefs.
  • Monday, March 21st
  • Are You In Love With Being In Love?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss their thoughts on being love and also the concept of being in love with the idea of being in love.
  • Sunday, March 13th
  • Ladies, are we so independent that we are by ourselves?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney share a conversation about women and their independence in and out of relationships.
  • Monday, March 7th
  • How Do You Deal With Death?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss not only how they deal with the death of a loved one but how they deal with the evident expectation of death in the present.
  • Monday, February 29th
  • Do You Believe In UFO's? Are They Fake or Are They Real?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney talk about experiences with the possible existence of UFO's based on their experiences.
  • Monday, February 22nd
  • Could you be your friend if you weren't you?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney discuss qualities within ourselves that would make us a good friend or not such a good friend to ourselves and others.
  • Monday, February 15th
  • How Do You Deal With Hate?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney are joined by Keshia Knight-Pulliam Hartwell and her husband Ed Hartwell to discuss how they have had to deal with "hate" from others throughout their careers and life.
  • Monday, February 8th
  • Are You Able To Hold On To Anger Longer Than Happiness?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney delve into how holding on to anger affects us and the people around us.
  • Monday, February 1st
  • Why are we afraid to be ourselves?

    Mo'Nique and Sidney speak on the importance of being yourself and staying true to yourself even when situations end circumstances and people may not agree.
  • Monday, January 25th
  • The Oscars & Hollywood

    In this episode, Mo'Nique and Sidney weigh in on the current issue of the Oscars and boycotting.  They both offer insight from their perspective on the issue.
  • Monday, January 18th
  • EP 02: Is It Okay To Be Gay?

    This episode discusses the stigma with being gay and asks of the listeners to avoid being judgmental for Jesus and learn acceptance and tolerance.
  • Monday, January 11th
  • Our Open Relationship!

    Mo'Nique & Sidney Hicks discuss the origins and dynamics of their relationship, and what the term "open" means to them as they answer questions from the audience.

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