Gold Tone Podcast with Seth Gold

Gold Tone Podcast with Seth Gold

From business to sports to family, Gold Tone is a podcast that shares perspectives on a variety of topics from one of the world’s most highly recognized pawnbrokers, Seth Gold alongside Detroit native, Dan Leach. As the 2013 Pawnbroker of the Year and one of the stars of truTV’s top show Hardcore Pawn, Seth knows the ins-and-outs of the business world while Dan has hosted nationally syndicated shows on Sports Byline USA and SiriusXM. Bringing Seth and Dan together with new guests every week, listeners can always expect lively, informative, and interactive conversations to keep them on their feet. Visit for more information or tune in at

  • Wednesday, May 25th
  • A Changing Business

    Les and Seth are heading to the 36th Annual Mackinac Policy Conference. This episode, we're excited to welcome Sandy Baruah, who heads the Detroit Regional Chamber. The episode explores the Golds' growing interest in the political process as it affects their business and that of their fellow pawnbrokers all over the country. The crew also explores the evolution of Detroit and what it takes to improve a city.
  • Wednesday, May 18th
  • The Changing Face of the Entrepreneur

    What's your super power? Dave Cogan joins the crew to talk about the heroism that's required to build and run a business. They talk about taking risk and how it relates to the heroic nature of being an entrepreneur. Les, Seth, and Sarah pick the super hero that they most closely align with -- can you guess?
  • Wednesday, May 11th
  • Negative Partisanship

    Nobody would disagree that this is a crazy political year where most people seem to be voting for the candidate that they hate the least. Author and political expert Ron Fornier joins us to provide insights about the political climate and weigh in on Detroit's renaissance. Interestingly, his book 'Love that Boy' shines a light on an issue that has become close to the hearts of Les and Seth--helping those who fall on the Autism Spectrum. So naturally, they talk more about the workplace diversity program recently launched at American Jewelry and Loan. The guys bring a cool piece from the shop that reminds us of a shocking event in political history.
  • Wednesday, May 4th
  • Forecasting the Future

    Seth, Les, and Sarah welcome Brian David Johnson to Gold Tone. He's a futurist for the Center for Science and the Imagination at Arizona State University. He motivates leaders to think about their business future and imagine what tomorrow will look like. We talk about the influence of technology on our day-to-day lives. Les brings an authentic crystal ball that sits on his desk and symbolizes his optimism about the future. Seth and Sarah explain social media terms to Les and it's laugh-out-loud ...(LOL)... funny.
  • Wednesday, April 27th
  • Les and Seth Ponder Pawnbroking

    We've all seen Les and Seth engage in spirited debate on the television show, but if you've ever wondered what their workday is really like, then you'll enjoy the latest episode of Gold Tone. We're joined by fellow pawnbroker Greg Engstrom who has invited Seth to deliver the keynote address at the upcoming Midwest Pawnbroking Convention. As always, they bring something cool from the shop ... but Les storms out before they get around to it.
  • Wednesday, April 20th
  • Leadership

    Dan Rockwell, the creator of the blog Leadership Freak gives advice to Seth and Les, who are looking to expand their pawnshop and grow their team of managers. They are looking for leaders amongst the employees they already have, that have the drive and passion they do, but find it difficult to agree because they have two different leadership styles. Seth and Les also explain how much the daily price of gold affects their shop, every single day.
  • Wednesday, April 13th
  • Everybody Wants Some!!

    The cast of 'Everybody Wants Some!!' joins Les, Seth, and Sarah. Glen Powell, Wyatt Russell, and J. Quinton Johnson tell the Gold Tone crew about their process of shooting, what it was like on set, and the themes of the movie. Things get a little wild near the end of the interview when Sarah makes a comment about one of the actor's ages.
  • Wednesday, April 6th
  • From Dessert to (Near) Death

    Seth shares an experience that went from a simple dessert to quite literally a near-death experience. After a few nights in the hospital, he's ready to share insights and we welcome Tommy Rosa who has written a book on the topic and describes his own near death experience as well as the lessons that he shares with others.
  • Wednesday, March 23rd
  • Necessary Changes

    Paul Gibbons has spent 30+ years in business as a banker, trader, consultant, entrepreneur and educator. He works to help businesses achieve sustainable growth. As such, he offers insights on how to implement organizational change. He joins the crew on this episode of Gold Tone and offers tips to Les and Seth as they share information about some changes that they're implementing at their pawnshops. Dan shares a story about a a radical change that is coming to his life thanks to losing a bet.
  • Wednesday, March 16th
  • Package Your Genius

    Amanda Miller Littlejohn is an award-winning Personal Branding Coach who believes that everyone has an untapped passion or unclaimed expertise. She joins Seth, Sarah, and Cyndee on this week's Gold Tone podcast to talk about preparing for Seth's upcoming keynote speeches. Sarah showcases her interviewing prowess as she presents Seth with a hard-hitting interview question (spoiler alert: the answer is oatmeal).
  • Wednesday, March 9th
  • Mob Stories

    Daniel Simone is an author who specializes in writing about sensational crimes in collaboration with one of the perpetrators or investigators of the actual event. On the latest podcast, he joins the Gold Tone crew and talks about writing The Lufthansa Heist with Henry Hill who's life and criminal career who is portrayed in the classic Martin Scorsese mob film, Goodfellas. Seth, Dan, and Sarah talk about organized crime and unorganized dumb criminals. Seth brings a cool piece of mobster memorabilia from the shop...and you'll be shocked when you hear what it's worth!
  • Wednesday, March 2nd
  • Why We Need Entrepreneurs

    Joining this week's Gold Tone podcast is Shark Tank's Business Guru Daymond John along with Brian Hill, founder of Edovo, a business that provides a self-driven educational and vocational platform for inmates. They're talking about an opportunity for individuals with original business ideas, Miller Light's 'Tap the Future' competition.
  • Wednesday, February 24th
  • Birthday Party

    Gold Tone celebrates Seth's birthday! Dan brings some interesting presents in for Seth, Les and Seth talk about birthday traditions, horoscopes, and Magi Helena, a premiere astrologer gives Seth a reading, telling Seth how his upcoming year is going to go.
  • Wednesday, February 17th
  • Gone but not Forgotten: When the Business of Being a Celebrity Comes to an End

    Seth, Les, and Sarah talk about the many recent celebrity deaths, and how they react when celebrities who mean something to them dies. Rob Shuter, the world-famous gossip columnist and magazine editor weighs in on the topic and shares some juicy behind-the-scenes stories. They also talk about the business aspect of being a celebrity, what they leave behind, and what we can learn from some of the their mistakes.
  • Wednesday, February 10th
  • Diamonds are Forever (Especially on Valentine's Day)

    Seth, Les, and Sarah talk about Valentine's Day and diamonds. They talk to Brenda Harwick, who is a diamond expert at the GIA. Brenda shares what is important to look for in a diamond, including the "Four C's". Les and Seth bring in a variety of diamonds for Sarah to look at after learning what she did in the earlier segments. Les tells a story about the time he got in trouble for what he gave his wife on Valentine's Day.
  • Wednesday, February 3rd
  • Everything 'Super Bowl' with Amani Toomer

    Seth, Les, and the rest of the Gold Tone podcast talk everything Super Bowl. Amani Toomer joins them to talk about this year's match-up and his experiences when he won the Super Bowl with The New York Giants in 2007. Seth, Les, and Dan also make a series of hilarious bets while making their picks for what team will win.
  • Wednesday, January 27th
  • The Flint Water Crisis

    The eyes of the world are on Flint, Michigan as the citizens face a water crisis of disastrous proportions. The crew welcomes one of Detroit's most iconic news personalities, Charlie Langton, to talk about the situation, how the Golds are using their visibility to help, and more. To learn more about the crisis or donate, visit
  • Wednesday, January 20th
  • The Modern Motor City

    Seth, Les, and Dan talk about their first cars, and what role growing up and living in the Motor City has played in their lives. They talk to Paul Sabbatini, the Chairman of the North American International Auto Show about his history in the business and what car fanatics can expect this upcoming year.
  • Wednesday, January 13th
  • A Stark Naked Approach to 2016

    Seth and Sarah talk about their daily routines (or lack of), the holidays, and how to live life being happy. Their guest, fitness expert Brad Davidson who wrote the book "The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset", has a unique perspective on how to fix your metabolism and enjoy life.
  • Thursday, January 7th
  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

    The Gold Tone podcast is honored to welcome in-studio, the heroes of the Benghazi attack that 13 Hours (the book and movie) are based on. Three of the heroes in the attack (Kris "Tanto" Paronto, Mark "Oz" Geist, and John "Tig" Tiegen) detail the events leading up to the attack, the attack itself, and the aftermath. They also talk about why they wrote the book, the truth about what really happened (without the influence of politicians), and what it was like having a movie (directed by Michael Bay and starring John Krasinski) based off of them. The movie comes out January 15th, 2016.
  • Wednesday, December 30th, 2015
  • Editing Your Character

    Seth and the Gold Tone gang talk to Diamond Dallas Page about his experiences with wrestling in the WWE, his fitness history, and his new way to inspire and help people through yoga.
  • Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015
  • Reinventing Yourself

    Les and Seth talk candidly about the future of their family's business and the constant struggle between new school and old school including sharing a very personal story from their family's history. Guest James Altucher talks about reinventing himself over and again and the realities of how failure feels as well as one of his secrets to success. As always, the Golds bring an interesting item from the shop, but this time it's priceless!
  • Wednesday, December 16th, 2015
  • Upsets and Underdogs

    Michigan has produced a number of stars in the boxing world from Joe Louis to Floyd Mayweather, and the one and only 'First Lady of Boxing'. Jackie Kallen joins the Gold Tone crew, talks about her history of proving herself, weighs in on the Ronda Rousey loss, and dishes on her favorite celebrity (spoiler: it's NOT America's Sweetheart Meg Ryan, who portrayed her in the movie about her life).
  • Wednesday, December 9th, 2015
  • Traditions

    The holidays are a time for traditions and guest Derek Velez-Partridge has written a new book that we're sure will become a part of your family's holiday tradition. Derek talks about the business of bringing a children's holiday book to market. The Gold Tone gang share some of their own traditions including one thing that Les traditionally does at the store which you'll need to hear to believe.
  • Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015
  • How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass

    Seth talks about an injury he had doing an unexpected activity. Author Aaron Foley calls in and talks about his new book 'How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass'. Seth and members of the show discuss their favorite things about Detroit and different issues regarding the comeback of the city. Seth brings an object in that means a lot to the sports history of Detroit.
  • Wednesday, November 25th, 2015
  • Bob Vila's Brand

    In this week's Gold Tone podcast, Seth welcomes the world's most widely recognized home improvement expert, Bob Vila. Bob talks about the beginning of his career and the sequence of events that led him to his colossal success after starting on public television. Seth describes a successful recent home improvement project (as well as one that was not so successful). Les and Seth stump Dan with a vintage tool from the pawnshop.
  • Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
  • Forget Me Not

    This week, the Gold Tone podcast welcomes a friend of the Gold family, Marilu Henner. Seth, Dan, and Sarah hear more about her remarkable career and gain insights into her approach to Total Health including memory and brain function. In the spirit of memories and sentimentality, Seth brings a piece of jewelry from the store and talks about some of his favorite suggestions for gifts that will have meaning and hold their value.
  • Wednesday, November 11th, 2015
  • Sticking with Goals

    Les, Seth, and Dan recall some of their favorite moments since beginning the Gold Tone podcast. During one particular interview, Dan was so inspired that he set a personal goal. Les and Seth check in with him on his progress and bring in a professional trainer, Bill Bell, to offer insights as well. The Golds also bring one of the most hardcore pieces of bling yet from the pawn shop.
  • Wednesday, November 4th, 2015
  • From Farm to Fame

    Becoming some of the world's most highly-recognized pawnbrokers wasn't in the plans for Les or Seth. Despite their show's success, however, they have remained true to their core business and still work as pawnbrokers every single day at their family business in Detroit. It's a rare thing for reality television personalities to do, and so it's particularly exciting for them to welcome the recent star of The Bachelor, Chris Soules to the show. Like the Golds, Chris uses his notoriety and visibility to represent his industry. In this week's show, he shares insights from Farm to Fame.
  • Wednesday, October 28th, 2015
  • Fathers and Sons

    In previous podcasts, Seth has noted the influence that his father has had on his life and career. They announce their new role as contributors to one of the web's top sites for women, offering insights on negotiating, luxury items, and jewelry. In this week's episode, Dan's dad, Doctor Harold Leach comes to the studio and gives us some insight into the relationship that they share as well. Les brings an object from the pawnshop which is traditionally handed down from father to son and more winners of the pawn gear giveaway are announced.
  • Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
  • Funny Business

    Every workplace has someone who thinks they are a comedian. For this week's podcast, comedian Mike Bonner joins us in studio to talk about the business of comedy and weigh in on a controversy that came up recently with our Gold Tone team. Our Executive Producer, Sarah, shares the story of Dan bringing her some clearly-dead flowers to the office, bringing up the topic of what is and isn't okay for the workplace. Weigh in at and share YOUR stories of workplace antics!
  • Wednesday, October 14th, 2015
  • Michael Bolton's Detroit Dreamin'

    This week's episode is noteworthy for a few reasons. First, we gain insights and behind-the-scenes stories about the earliest days of Hardcore Pawn from one of the show's first segment producers, Sarah Thomas. These years later, she now serves as the Executive Producer of the Gold Tone podcast. She and Seth travel to Detroit for a press junket unveiling Michael Bolton's highly-anticipated documentary 'Gotta Keep Dreamin' which focuses on Detroit's 21st Century Renaissance. Over the past three years, Bolton and crew have been documenting the extraordinary journey of an iconic American city. The film tells the story of Detroit’s greatest glory through its devastating downfall, and shines a bright light on the heroic commitments and community initiatives now being made to comeback stronger than ever. This is the story of the American Dream.
  • Wednesday, October 7th, 2015
  • The Pawnshop as an Economic Barometer

    Pawnbrokers are street-level commodity brokers who need to be able to quickly assess the value of a broad range of items from household items to precious metals. For over three thousand years, pawnbrokers have had unique insights into economic conditions based on what they see in their day-to-day business. In this week's episode, Les and Seth welcome Forbes contributor Steve Parrish to the podcast to compare economic indicators from the pawnshop to Wall Street. As always, they bring a cool item from the shop, this one is pure gold!
  • Wednesday, September 30th, 2015
  • Overcoming Obstacles

    This week's podcast opens with Les and Seth bringing a remarkable piece of sports memorabilia that relates to one of the greatest athletes of all time who overcame tremendous obstacles throughout their life. It's the perfect introduction to this week's guest, renowned bodybuilder and motivational speaker Nick Scott. Nick shares insights from his tremendous journey, recently culminating with a performance in performing as the top wheelchair dancing team for the Pope's visit to the US. Dan issues a personal challenge to himself and the first winners of free pawn gear are announced.
  • Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015
  • Finding Your Passion

    Les and Seth talk with Dan about their passion for the pawn shop and what they do. They talk about how they determine if precious metals are real or fake and what Les and Seth would choose to be their profession if they weren't in the pawn business. They're joined by their special guest, Kristina Rinaldi, the Executive Director and co-founder of Detroit Dog Rescue. She talks about the conception and passion of the grass roots rescue that has saved hundreds of dogs lives. (With special guest, Mike the Dog)!
  • Wednesday, September 16th, 2015
  • Joey Logano and the Art of Nascar Racing

    Despite being a huge sports fan, the first NASCAR race that Les and Seth ever attended was the 2013 Quicken Loans 400 when Seth drove the official pace car at Michigan International Speedway. New to NASCAR fandom, it has become a new tradition in the Gold family. In this week's episode, Seth invites NASCAR Champion driver Joey Logano to talk about the sport and the amazing championship season that he's currently experiencing. Will Dan be the next NASCAR newbie? Seth also brings a memento from an amazing experience that he and Les shared at a significant sporting event.
  • Wednesday, September 9th, 2015
  • Sneaker Con and Other Unique Collections

    As pawnbrokers, Les and Seth Gold have encountered passionate collectors of all sorts of items and along with Dan they talk about things that they themselves collect. But few collector cultures are as passionate as Sneaker Heads. Sneaker Con co-founder Alan Vinogradov joins the Gold Tone crew to share insights into the sneaker economy from Sneaker Con, known as the greatest Sneaker Show on Earth, as well as the most important secret for starting your own collection. Seth brings a couple of great collections from the pawnshop and talks about things that he himself has collected over the year.
  • Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
  • What it Takes to be Wendy Williams

    Seth and Dan talk to Wendy Williams about being successful in business while being in the public eye. They talk about the importance of social media, women's issues in business, and the different roads people travel to become successful. Seth and Dan also talk about their busy schedules, and Seth brings an expensive fashion piece that many women have on a list of their greatest desires.
  • Wednesday, August 26th, 2015
  • The Business of Being Perez Hilton

    The LA Times calls Perez Hilton, "like US Weekly, the Star, the Enquirer and Life & Style all rolled into one”. He has helped change the way that people consume media, particularly in the world of celebrity news. Having built an online empire, Perez Hilton is a consummate entrepreneur with a sharp mind for business and a work ethic that won't quit. He talks about his rise to fame (or infamy), regrets along the way, pop culture topics, and his new podcast on Seth brings something from the shop that was once worn by Madonna in an iconic performance, and the Golds recall taking chance on TMZ when asked about the Deflategate controversy.
  • Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
  • Hooray for Hollywood

    With so many blockbusters coming out, it can be hard to keep up with the Summer's hottest movies. Many of us rely on the recommendations of movie critics and bloggers. But have you ever wondered what it's like behind the scenes of reviewing and promoting movies? Renowned movie critic Greg Russell stops by the studio. Seth, Dan, and Les talk about the movie memorabilia market and some of the most interesting items from the big screen which have found their way to the pawnshop.
  • Wednesday, August 12th, 2015
  • Handling Awkward Situations

    All of us have faced awkward situations in our lives and Les, Seth, and Dan share some of theirs and call in etiquette expert Daniel Post-Senning of the Emily Post Institute to share insights from how to handle even the most awkward situations in person or online. The Golds talk about the most controversial item that they've ever taken in at the store and the incredible story of how Les obtained it. Listeners share their own questions for the expert ... we'd love to hear yours!
  • Wednesday, August 5th, 2015
  • Music Memorabilia & Italy

    It's travel season! In this episode, the Golds welcome their friend Francesco to the show, whom they met on a recent trip to Italy. As the director of a day-long video shoot, he has a unique perspective of what it's really like to work with the Gold family behind-the-scenes, (including Seth's hours in a hot tub) and lends insight to their show's success in Italy. Seth brings an autographed poster from the shop from Dan's favorite band and Les shares family vacation stories including one that ended with a close encounter with the Russian police!
  • Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
  • Facing your Fears

    Overcoming one's fears is a key to success in any field. Former Navy SEAL and renowned author and motivational speaker Brent Gleeson joins Seth and Dan to share his insights for overcoming fear and becoming successful in business. Brent has applied the lessons learned both on the battlefield and in the business world to leading one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Les is in studio as well and shares unbelievable stories from his own childhood as written in his bestselling book For What it's Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker.
  • Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015
  • Expensive Watches & Guilty Pleasures

    Most people have a guilty pleasure. For some, it's luxury watches. In this episode, Seth shares the story of having worn a watch that is worth more than most people's houses. They call in a watch expert who shares insights into the market as well as advice for those looking to invest. Seth and Dan compare their own indulgences, a conversation that turns to quickly turns to Vegas stories and listener submissions for their own guilty pleasures.
  • Wednesday, July 15th, 2015
  • Making Good on Contracts and Bets

    Having your work day filmed for a reality show is a unique experience to which few people can relate. Ma's Roadhouse star Rick Fairless of Strokers Bar in Dallas joins Seth to talk about the business of family business. While Dan fondly recalls his childhood summers, Seth poses questions to his dad about being the youngest kid sent to summer camp three years in a row. As always, the Golds bring some cool things from the shop including an item that Les describes as ‘priceless’ because of the recent event where it was given to him.
  • Wednesday, July 8th, 2015
  • Exploring Pawnbroking

    Les Gold joins Seth and Dan in studio to explore pawnbroking. Learn the story behind the Gold's family success--from Les' first sale at age 7 to becoming some of the most recognized pawnbrokers in the world. Fellow pawnbroker Nick Fulton shares insights about how the industry has changed, thanks to shows like 'Hardcore Pawn'. Seth brings in some cool items from the shop and shares a story of splitting an unusual set of sports memorabilia (something he thought he'd never do!). All on the first episode of GoldTone!

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