Dr. Tabasum Mir, a celebrity dermatologist, owner/founder of MirSkin Cosmetic dermatology practice in New York City and star of an EMMY award winning Bravo TV show will focus on beauty from the Soul to the Skin. Beauty, health, diet, nutrition, physical, spiritual and mental beauty and relationships. Dr. Mir will educate advise, empower and Inspire with her insight, quick wit and medical expertise.

  • Friday, May 20th
  • John Paul Dejoria- co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Hair care and Patron Spirits Joins us

    John Paul Dejoria- joins Dr @tabasum to tell his story of how he rose from living out of his car, to being a billionaire phillantropist. JP gives some solid advice to budding entrepenerus. All three of his companies were based on natural plants. Listen to him disusses his newest company Aubio. Another plant based technology with real medical benefits.
  • Friday, May 13th
  • Real Housewives of Dallas Star- Stephanie Hollman Joins us to talk about this season and preparing for the renunion episode

    The ladies of the Real Housewives of Dallas Hit the ground running, or rather hit the ground throwing wine glasses at each other. But not Stephanie, she hates confrontation. So how does she handle herself in this group of women? She also reveals that she had NO IDEA she was filming a show for the housewives franchise until four months after filming!
  • Friday, May 6th
  • OTHERHOOD- In anticipation of Mothers Day, we celebrate the OTHER mothers, the Aunts! with Melanie Notkin, best selling author and founder of Savvy Auntie

    Otherhood! More women today are not having children, more than ever before. Whether by circumstance or by choice, and Author Melanie Notkin is talking about it. Today we celebrate the women who are who are totally in love with your nieces or nephews, friends’ kids. And open a dialogue of the challenges modern women, even A list celebrites have on the quest to otherhood.
  • Friday, April 29th
  • Mally Roncal- Mally Beauty founder , Make up guru to the stars Joins GLAMMIR to discuss what really beauty is Inside and out.

    Mally Roncal- Created Mally Beauty while being a make up guru to celebrites like Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Teri Hatcher, Celine Dion, Angelina Jolie. She was inspired by her mother- who was a doctor and she was always done. Like hair, makeup, heels, nail, clothes. Mally brings her infectious spirit to GLAMMIR to discuss inner and outer beauty, Make up tips tricks trends and inspiration.
  • Friday, April 22nd
  • Mercedes Javid Joins us to dicsus some REAL truth talkin on this season of Shahs Of Sunset

    MJ joins @Tabasum to talk about her engagement, body confidence, freezing her eggs, her fiancee ejacuating into a cup for fertility, Mike's split from jessica, State of GG's heath and friendship and everything crazy and personal that this group of SHAHS go through this season!
  • Wednesday, April 13th
  • Dorinda Medley of Bravo TV Real Housewives of NEW YORK, Tells us why diamonds aren't a girls best friend.. Martinis are.

    Dorinda joins @Tabasum on the morning before her @wwhl episode to dicsuss this season of #RHONY and why it gets even more personal than ever between the ladies. Lines have definaltey been crossed this season!
  • Friday, April 8th
  • Cyrene Tankard- of Bravo TV Thicker than water talks about the new season and being hospitalized her first semester at college.

    Cyrene Tankard the youngest Child of Bravo TV's Thicker Than Water, Tankard Family, Joins Dr Mir. We talk about the new season. Her first year away at college, and being criticized for her behavior and partying. Then her being hospitalized three time, and how it effected her and her family. Is it more pressure for her to be perfect ? Cyrene tells all and what else to expect this season.
  • Friday, April 1st
  • Marlo Hampton you know her from The housewives of Atlanta. But what else does this fashionista, who just turned 40yr old Have up her stylish sleeves!.

    Marlo Hampton was initially brought onto Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4 as an “enemy” for HBIC, NeNe Leakes. Whats the status of her friendships now?
  • Friday, March 25th
  • TY Hunter- Beyoncés Stylist for 17 years. Get to know Ty’s career, his relationship with Beyonce Mother Tina, and his experience working with Beyoncé since Destiny’s Child and the invention of the TY-Light Ultimate phone selfie light

    Next time you see Beyoncé hit the red carpet, there’s a good chance, you will also spot her uber talented stylist Ty Hunter — For 17 years, he has become the man responsible for making Bey look flawless. TY Hunter packed his bags one day an moved to pursuit his dreams of something bigger that what he was. Going on nothing but faith, he met Beyoncès mother, Tina Knowles when he was working at a store, who told him. One day Im going to get you out of here. The rest in history!
  • Thursday, March 17th
  • Drita D'Avanzo From Mob Wives- Joins Tabasum to tell us her story of what really happened this season.

    Drita has has a rough season on Mob wives, but if you ask her, its been a rough six years. Drita explains to @tabasum how she was devastated over the lost of her closest friend Big Ang. What Big Ang meant to her and how she is paying tribute to Big ANG(el) now. How she was never really friends with any of her cast mates, and how the other castmates and producers of Mobwives tried to separate sabotage Drita from the first season. Text messages she recieved off camera to anger her before filming would start. She tells us how new castmember were encouraged not to befriend her. Drita tells us HOW exactly there was far more to what was going on that you saw on the show.
  • Friday, March 11th
  • Kristen Taekman, You know her from Real Housewives of New York, But see life after Housewives has proven to be very busy for this Entrepeneur Mom!

    Kristen Taekman, from Real Housewives of New York, joins @tabasum to talk about the hit @bravotv show, does she miss it ? Will she be back? Why did she leave ?We also look at her new @pocbeauty nail polish and exciting new liquid lipstick line and her blog Get to know Kristen and why she really is more that just a gorgeous face!
  • Friday, March 4th
  • Craig Ramsay and Brandon Liberati the Beauty and Fitness husband team with on Bravo TV's Newlyweds The First Year

    Craig & Brandon Join Dr Mir to discuss everything about being taped by bravo during their first year of marriage. Are they worried about reality TV marriages break up? What it was like to discuss their deepest personal issues, like trying to have children on TV and that um... Low sperm count thingy?? They also give me a tip on how to maintain my blowout even after a cardio workout! This was so fun, and these guy are not too shy to answer any question I throw at them!
  • Tuesday, March 1st
  • AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK Tabasum has Front row access to the hottest designers, celebrities, youtube stars and makeup artist

    First I Interview with Kristin Chenowith on the launch of her Jewelry line for HSN. Then the Hottest YouTube Make up Guru Tamana from @dressyourface takes us behind the scenes of her Sephora Snapchat takeover. The amazing legend Reema Acra tells Tabasum the inspiration behind her fall collection, and how she believes clothes can Empower women. Next up is Benjamin Jasper Buckley Sephora Pro Professional make up artist and head make up artist for , who give us insider tips for the every day woman on dewy skin, nude lip and concealing dark circles. Finally we have Yizal Arzouel head hairstylist with tips on a smooth hair look, and Finally Yigal Arzouel the designer himself, with the inspiratin behind his collection, And how instead of going to rest after his show, hes going to listen to GlamMir
  • Friday, February 26th
  • Katie Maloney From Vanderpump Rules Joins GlamMir- dishes on all things VPR and her new blog

    Vanderpump Rules Star Katie Maloney joins Dr Tabasum Mir for a candid, no holds barred, talk on her friendship with Stassi Schroder. Where are they at now, is Stassi invited to the wedding, and if they will ever be friends again. We also talk about her upcoming wedding plans to her fiance Tom, As well as her amazing beauty blog Katie give us her best beauty tips and the challenges and inspirations of creating her blog.
  • Friday, February 19th
  • How you can keep your marriage sexy, both mentally and physically with Marriage university founders Pastor Ron and Patti Marinari

    Pastor Ron Marinari and wife Patti are the authors of Bedchambers: A Marital Obsession With Erotic Love & Spiritual Oneness. Knowing that Sex is a a blessing to marriage and seeing many marriages fail over time because couples lose that feeling of spiritual, physical and erotic love inspiried them to write this book. Today they join Dr. Mir to discuss a topic that many religions shun, how to bring back erotism and passion with marriage, mentally and physically.
  • Friday, February 12th
  • David Cruz from Bravo TVs Millionaire Matchmaker and joins the single people out there, just in time Valentines day to give us Major Dating tips !

    David Cruz a matchmaker on Millionaire Matchmaker Bravo TV joins Dr Mir to discuss all things Dating. What does he think of matchmaking apps? Are they ruining dating? Whats the best tip to show somene across the room you are interested. Are professional, smart successful women really intimidating. What does he think of Patti Stangers 2 drink minimum rule And whats next for the Millionaire Matchmaker show! This is a really funny, informational , must hear show! with guest co-host Leila Arcieri
  • Friday, February 5th
  • Kyle Richards From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and next season of Celebrity Apprentice Joins Dr Tabasum Mir

    Kyle Richards, star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Joins GlamMir. She discusses what she thinks of Beverly Hills Plastic surgery, the challenges of raising 4 grounded kids in the wealth and body image focused Beverly Hills and How she has kept her marriage happy for 20 years. Also I ask her what procedures has she had done ?? And what shes does to keep fit! She just tried the new SculpSure body contouring laser. Did it work for her? She also drops a lot of exclusives from the show, and what's next for her!
  • Thursday, January 28th
  • Meet Brittany Fogarty- VH1's newest cast member of Mob Wives.See how this woman breaks all the rules and sterotypes of a mafia princess.

    Brittany Fogarty- she looks like a sweet young blonde barbie, but beware, dont poke the bear! This newest cast member of VH1 Mobwives breaks all the rules from her age to her non-mafia princess upbringing. The mafia blood runs deep in her family as her Father John Fogarty served time along side Sammy "the Bull" Gravanzo. Raised by her mother Andrea Giovino, a mobster tough as nails with a heart of Gold, Brittany tells us how she commands respect from other other mob ladies, even though she is the youngest of all the cast. This newest cast member is aready shaking up tensions on the Hit VH1 show. Joinied by her Mother Andrea Giovino. both women join Dr Mir to discuss how Mafia blood runs in their DNA and how drama and tensions escalate on their hit Mobwife reality show.
  • Thursday, January 21st
  • Perez Hilton- Joins Dr. Mir on GlamMir!

    Perez Hilton sits down and talks with Dr. Mir about celebrity plastic surgery. Should celebs come clean about the procedures they had done? He also gives insight and advice on how he became a successful blogger.  Perez shares how fatherhood has changed everything and his advice for people who are single and want to have children. 
  • Thursday, January 14th
  • Reality TV with a purpose- Gwendolyn Boyd Moss

    Gwen is not your typical Reality TV star. On of Atlantas top realtors, She is cast member @wetv "Selling It In The ATL". She is a single mother of 3 boys, and a son diagnosed with Autism at age 2 and Schizophrenia at at 16. She discusses the frustration of watching other parents and children not knowing how to interact with her son, and how it inspired a series of children's books to help educate. Gwen discusses how she wants to use TV as a platform to educate parents and children on how to learn and relate to children with disabilities. And she also drops lots of juicy behind the scenes details of her hit We TV show!
  • Thursday, January 7th
  • Leila Arcieri actress and model, talks about how the Hollywood career she left, inspired her to create Stir Sweetener- the first all natural sugar replacement that is actually good for you and that sweet tooth.

    You may know Leila Arcieri from her TV & movie roles on Daddy Day Care, xXx or CSI:Miami. Today Leila is the CEO and founder of Stir Sweetener is an all natural, and good for your health sugar replacement. One of a kind on the market today, and poised to be revolutionary in the world of sugar replacements. Find out more about Stir Sweetener its benefits and why it is so unique and groundbreaking. We also take a funny and fabulous look back into Leila's Hollywood career and what Leila said about that wedding rumor about her and Jamie Foxx.
  • Wednesday, December 30th, 2015
  • New Year ...New You! Just 8% of people achieve their New Years resolutions, here is how to let your NEW YEAR know you mean business

    Guests Cory Wade, of Americas next Top model and Alyson Charles, wellness coach and rockstar shaman. Both join Dr Mir for a frank, honest and funny discussion on clearing negative energy from your life, how to deal with negative people, and how not to focus on your fears but rather make the life you dreamed of .
  • Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015
  • Colleen St Michaels is a spiritual healer, intuitive , and medium. Listen to what she says about connecting to your loved ones who have passed and to you own intuition

    Have you ever asked for a "sign" then recieved it? have you ever felt your passed loved one around you? So whats really going on with that "gut" feeling. What does it all mean? Colleen St Michaels is a radiant 5’10″ blonde who radiates warmth, laughter and and hope.
    listen to her talk about developing your own intuition, connecting to your higher power, asking guidance from your Angel guides. Creator of this interview will give you chills.. In the most loving way.
  • Thursday, December 17th, 2015
  • Jaimie Primak Sullivan- this Straight shooting Jersey Belle, tells us how to Ditch Toxic Friendships and protect your emotional peace at all costs

    Jaime Primak sullivan power house publicist, producer, star of #cawfeetawk and TVs "Jersey Belle" Joins Dr Mir to discuss toxic relationships. How to recognize when a friend or loved one is manipulating you with their toxic behavior. She explains how it took a lot of emotional grown to loose her former mean girl ways. The teached us that once you make allowances for disrespect , it will never stop.Straight shooting, honest advice about how to deal with angry, hurt or toxic relationships and how to set boundried with toxic people or simply walk away.
  • Thursday, December 10th, 2015
  • The Style Scout Aliya Ahmen-Yahia Joins us to discuss fashion tips for the professional woman. Do most women dress for work or for style?

    Aliya Ahmed-Yahia Joins Dr Mir to discuss fashion tips for women in the work place. Do women dress for work or for style ? Ways to infuse a little of your own personal style at work. And she shares one of the best tips I have ever heard on ways to inspire clothing color combinations. we also talk about that H&M Bamain craze!
  • Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
  • Real Fit Food- Andi Lew- Fitness&Nutition expert, media personality, best selling authour joins Dr Mir to discuss how we are all drowning in a sea of diet myths

    Andi Lew a dynamic and passionate author and nutrition expert joins Dr Mir to discuss all those frustrating and false diet and nutrition myths. We separate the myths from the truth. Is low fat, low carb better? Are there good vs bad fats? whats better paleo, gluten free or vegan? Let Andi help you make sense of it all. And learn how all these low fat diets have made us FAT!
  • Tuesday, December 1st, 2015
  • Living His Truth: Milan Christopher Breakout Star of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood joins us to talk being an openly gay man in Hip Hop, his New single "when I go" and some exclusive as to whats next

    Milan Christopher rapper, tv personality and entrepeneur , has had his challenging and provocative story play out on LHHHollywood. Being a openly gay man in committed relationship, and then watching it crumble had its pressure and challenges. Whats the REAL status of his relationship? Was his ex the inspiration for his new single "When I go" Milan gives us and exclusive about the name of his next album. Listen to his new single and what really caused the end of his relation ship. and is there another reality TV show in his future? what kind of man is he looking for and is he dating now? You dont want to miss this !
  • Tuesday, November 24th, 2015
  • Jenelle Evans - Of Teen Mom , speaking her truth about her sons, custody battles, her new boyfriend and her new lips and meeting her man on tinder.

    Jenelle Evans joins Dr Mir and gives exclusive information on her sons, her custody battle with her ex. Listen to what she says about all her social media haters , especially those who say she doesnt spend time with her son. Her new boyriend Dave joins us also to talk about how they met on Tinder. And if he knew who she was before. We also talk about her lip fillers and if shes getting anymore plastic surgery. Jenelle totally speaks her mind and doesnt hold back at all. Special guest Manager Johnny Donovan and Her boyfriend Dave Eason, Jenelles makeup artist
  • Thursday, November 19th, 2015
  • Chrissy Monroe, of Love and Hip Hop New York, joins us to talk about rising up from homeless past to a makeing meaninful life now. And life on and off reality TV. And that Ericka Mena drama!!

    At one time in her life, Chrissy Monroe was homeless teen on the mean streets of Baltimore. In order to survive she had to go down some paths that could have destroyed her. Being in and around strip clubs, prostitution and drugs, she managed to stay clear of all the negativity around her. She is pioneering her own fabulous path. Listen to this frank discussing about her struggles to make it. Chrissy give us exclusive details of the drama of Love and Hip Hop, what she really knows about Erika Mena's past and the real details behind her and Chink Santana. She introduces us to her new business Pretty Girl Gang Cosmetics
  • Thursday, November 12th, 2015
  • Lets talk benefits of Coffee and skin care! with the founders of FrankBod, creators of one of the best selling coffee-based skin care and scrub lines.

    How do 5 friends from Melbourne, AU come together to develop a natural coffee based skin care line that in just over 24 months has grown almost 700K fans?? Meet FrankBod creators of coffee-based scrubs and skin care. Learn how coffee and caffeine is so beneficial to the skin. Dr Mir Talks about how caffeine is a at home remedy to help with conditions from stretch marks, cellulite, acne, eczema increasing circulation and firmness. We also talk about how they are giving back by working with Charity Water, an organization to help bring clean water to under-developed countries.
  • Thursday, November 5th, 2015
  • Yesi Ortiz host of LA biggest hip-hop radio station, Power 106, cast of season one Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, and Mother to SIX Adopted children. talks fame career family's struggles, and why being a single parent is the hardest job in the world.

    Yesi Ortiz is the first lady of LA's biggest hip-hop radio station, Power 106. Ortiz's voice is beamed to an audience of almost 3 million listeners daily. Yesi is so warm, familiar and self-assured, she has even been called the "Voice of L.A." Yesi was also on Season One Of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. But her most impressive title might be "Mom." YESI ORTIZ BECAME THE VOICE OF POWER 106 WHILE RAISING SIX ADOPTED KIDS. Yesi joins Dr Mir to discuss her career and how In addition to her duties on air , and as Power's assistant music director, she juggles being adoptive mother to six kidd, and why being a single parent is the hardest job in the world. She also give us some juicy dish on Love and Hip Hop and filming with Ray J.
  • Thursday, October 29th, 2015
  • Bobbie Thomas, Style Editor for NBC's Today Show. Joins us to talk about the difficulties of women wanting career and Family and she give us exclusive on the launch of her newest make up line Woosh beauty.

    Celebrity Style Editor for NBC's Today Show. Fashion Guru, Beauty Expert, Writer, Editor, Mentor. Bobbie Thomas is Equal parts expert and everywoman. Her television career started on the red carpet for E!, the former co-host of the Style network’s Fashion Police and Her national column, "the Buzz" appeared in In Touch Weekly Magazine. and Now, "Bobbie's Buzz" airs weekly on TODAY with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Bobbie discusses her newest project Woosh Beauty Launching today 10/29/ 15 on HSN. We also discuss the struggle women have wanting a career and a family. And how women should not feel bad for discussing the difficulties of infertility.
  • Thursday, October 22nd, 2015
  • Cosmo Latina Beauty Editor Milly Almodar-Thomson joins us to discuss Make-up, Fall, winter and holiday beauty trends, and skin care q&a. And also how YOU can have a job like hers in 5 years!

    Milly Almodovar-Thomson is a dynamo in the world of beauty. She's the Beauty Editor for Cosmo Latina, has rubbed elbow with top celebrities and gets the inside scoop to all upcoming make up trends months in advance. We discuss fall make up trends, when to buy your beauty items for the best deals, what make up trends she loves. We also have a Q&A on make up must haves, skin care secrets, and her top tip for everyone. Milly also shares her insight on what everyone should do if they want to pursue a career as a successful beauty blogger, or a influencer in Beauty. She is all about Beauty in makeup and beauty in positiving and paying it forward!
  • Thursday, October 15th, 2015
  • Sharon Carpenter. TV and host, broadcast journalist, producer, creator AND Empire FoxTv newest star Star joins us with some behind the scenes exclusive !

    Meet Sharon Carpenter.. She was a top on-air personality for major networks including CBS, BET, and VH1. Listen to her discuss being a power woman in media, the challenges and the rewards. She gives us an exclusive into the behind the scenes of Empire TV and all the juicy details of her role being on set, working with Lee Daniels, taraji p henson, and Jussie Smollett . She also give us the exclusive on her next project, Wiretapped, an upcoming entertainment news website and live video platform. 
  • Thursday, October 8th, 2015
  • Motivational Life coach Alexa Rose Carlin discusses her near death experience and how she used her mind and thoughts to heal her body and then her life, also how you can also.

    Today Alexa Rose Carlin is a Motivational speaker , life coach and an author. In january 2013 Alexa was a healthy accomplished college student. Suddenly she fell gravely ill and was put into a medical coma for 6 days. She had a near death experience and what happenend next was a miracle. With 24 hours to live she couldn’t move, speak or breathe on her own; all she had was her mind to heal her self. How did she do that ? And she discusses what you can do in your life now to live life without fear. Listen to her describe how if we feed our body with positive thoughts, self-love, spirituality , then we have the capability to make the impossible, possible.
  • Thursday, October 1st, 2015
  • Bree Olson exPorn star, ex charlie Sheen goddess. #1 woman on periscope! Get to know the real woman behind the media headlines

    Bree Olson you know her as a Porn superstar and as One of Charlie Sheen's Goddesses. I talk with Bree and really get to know the woman behind the judgments. Together she describes the struggles of a woman trying to live life after porn. And what Bree is trying to do to dissuade girls from going down the path she did. ALSO she lets in in on an exclusive on whats she plans next in her life and career. we laughed and we teared. This is a really uplifting look behind the facade of Americas most famous porn star.
  • Tuesday, September 29th, 2015
  • Dana Cody of Oxygen TVs Boss Nails discusses the show Finale

    Dana Cody, you may remember first seeing her on Real Housewives Of New York as girlfriend to Aviva Drescher's father. But she the star of BOSS NAIL on the Oxygen Network and a boss entrepeneur CEO of Tippie Toes, her Nail Salon and school. She joins us to discuss the finale of Boss Nails airing 9/29 at 9pm. She also give great tips on how to keep healthy nails, as well as her new luxury line fine jewelry fo ryour nails!
  • Friday, September 25th, 2015
  • Introducing the next game changing app in social media. Periscope with the Periscope Summit Founder Ryan A Bell

    Only a few months old Periscope is a live streaming app, bought by Twitter, that is blowing up and is quickly becoming a game changer in social media. Periscope may well be the next Facebook? Get a behind the scene story of the massive rise of this app, and its community of users, with the Periscope Summit founder Ryan A Bell. Joining is Alexis Cardoza of Start Broadcast production company who discusses his documentary about the app and its massive community of amazing individuals

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