Generation Iron Podcast with Kai Greene

Generation Iron Podcast with Kai Greene

Generation Iron podcast is a new weekly show featuring all things bodybuilding and fitness, hosted by the world's most prolific bodybuilder himself – Kai Greene. Together with his dynamic co-host Krystal Lavenne, Kai will discuss the latest topics in sports, pop culture and everything in between.

  • Wednesday, April 13th
  • EP 24: Fakhri Mubarak Explains How to Get the Pro Card

    Krystal is joined by coach and pro card specialist Fakhri Mubarak or as we know him "Fak". Sometimes earning the big pro card can feel very far away. That's why Fak and Krystal go into detail about what it takes to achieve that big win; what it means to earn a pro card; and what expect after moving up to the pro level.
  • Wednesday, April 6th
  • EP 23: Guy Cisternino Talks Building and Maintaining Muscle

    Krystal is joined with by 212 Pro Guy Cisternino. As he returns from his 5th IFBB win in Miami. Guy breaks down his philosophy on how to maintain bigger muscle while cutting on his diet. Giving Krystal the details on the importance of proper nutrition knowledge.
  • Wednesday, March 30th
  • EP 22: Revealing GI's Most Exclusive Series Yet....and Synthol Freaks!

    Krystal has big news to tell Generation Iron fans. As Kai is on his way to pick up his 3rd win at the Arnold Brasil. Krystal gives you the scoop on Generation Iron's latest series... Kai Greene: The Return. A three part series documenting the most exclusive moments of Kai's return to the Arnold stage. She also gives her two cents about some of the latest controversies coming out of Brazil... Synthol Freaks!
  • Wednesday, March 23rd
  • EP 21: Strength Training

    As Kai travels back from his big win in Australia. Krystal Lavenne is joined by one of the top trainers in the country and host of the "Industrial Strength Show", Joe DeFranco. The two break down the barriers between bodybuilding and strength/conditioning training. Joe gives out pointers to aspiring mass monsters and admiting every athlete begins with bodybuilding.
  • Wednesday, March 16th
  • EP 20: Kai Greene talks Arnold Classic 2016

    Kai Greene & Krystal Lavenne discuss Kai's anticipated return to the Arnold Classic 2016 Stage. Revealing his deepest thoughts throughout the competion. Kai and Krystal discuss what it takes to come out a winner and what the big "W" means for the champ moving foward to Australia.
  • Wednesday, March 9th
  • EP 19: Arnold Classic Recap Feat. Marc Lobliner

    Kai Greene & Krystal Lavenne is joined by special guest Marc Lobliner just after the Arnold Classic 2016 to talk about the highs and lows of the biggest fitness festival in America. Kai reflects on his narrow victory, reviews Hidetada's big win over Jose Raymond, and speaks on the significance of Ronnie Coleman being inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame by Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • Wednesday, March 2nd
  • EP 18: Does Getting Sponsored Hurt More Than Help?

    This week we have special guest Mike Rashid filling in for Kai to talk about sponsorships and bodybuilding. How to get your first sponsorship. How to prepare for it. And most importantly, how to keep your integrity when signing on with a company. Mike and Krystal touch upon the importance of building your own brand rather than "selling your soul."
  • Wednesday, February 24th
  • EP 17: How The Media Screws Over Bodybuilders

    The reality of bodybuilding versus the perception of bodybuilding are vastly different. While a true fan understands the hard work and dedication required every day; the "average Joe" sees a bunch of steroid abusing freaks. Why does this happen? It all comes down to how the mainstream media portrays the sport and lifestyle. This week Kai and Krystal talks about how the media uses fear and misinformation to hold back what is otherwise a thriving sport.
  • Wednesday, February 17th
  • EP 16: Kai's Top 10 Tips For Final Competition Prep

    The Arnold Classic is just weeks away and Kai Greene is starting to ramp up his contest prep for those final days. These are the moments when a single mistake can destroy your entire showing at a bodybuilding competition. That's why Kai breaks down the do's and don'ts on keeping yourself contest ready as you approach that big competition.
  • Wednesday, February 10th
  • EP 15: Perfect The Pose

    Kai Greene opens up about the the new decision to start scoring all of the Arnold Classic competitions across the globe. He also chats with Krystal about just how much training actually goes into posing on the pro level. According to Kai, many NPC amateurs have no clue how to pull off "real" pro level posing - especially when young competitors are getting their pro cards so early.
  • Wednesday, February 3rd
  • EP 14: How Young Is Too Young To Lift Heavy?

    Kai Greene and Krystal Lavenne talk about when they first started lifting heavy weight seriously and if there is an age that's too young for kids to start. Are there long term effects to lifting at a young age? Or does it help lead to a more inspired and structured adult life?
  • Wednesday, January 27th
  • EP 13: Dirty Talk - Sex And Bodybuilding

    Things are about to get dirty in this episode of the podcast. Kai Greene and Krystal go in depth about the realities of sex for bodybuilders. What's the physicality of having sex when you are a mass monster like Kai? How does sex affect a competition performance? Does the average person find a bodybuilding physique attractive? Kai and Krystal share their personal experiences in our raunchiest episode yet.
  • Wednesday, January 20th
  • EP 12: Krystal Takeover With Special Guest Gregg Valentino

    This week we have a special Krystal Lavenne takeover edition of the Generation Iron podcast - focusing on the thin line between over-sexualizing women competitors and actually recognizing the hard work they put into their athletic physiques. Also the "Ramblin' Freak" Gregg Valentino calls in to talk about his new show and chime in about the problems the IFBB face regarding women's bodybuilding and the issue of "too big" in the men's open.
  • Wednesday, January 13th
  • EP 11: Kai's Pro Tips To Build A Massive Chest

    This week Kai and Krystal go in depth about one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding - the training. Looking to add some real size to your chest but hit a plateau? Kai breaks down his pro tips on how to pack on some real gains when it comes to the pecs.
  • Wednesday, January 6th
  • EP 10: Is Bodybuilding Healthy?

    Sounds like an obvious answer - but is the hardcore bodybuilding lifestyle really a healthy pursuit? Especially when you look at the true mass monsters like Ronnie Coleman (who has had 6 major surgeries). Kai Greene digs deep and talks about the sacrifices that a person needs to make when pursuing a bodybuilding lifestyle. Krystal also goes in depth about how healthy a bodybuilding diet can be for the average Joe. And then they both answer the fan question: What would you do if you only had one more day left to live?
  • Wednesday, December 30th, 2015
  • EP 09: The Best Bodybuilding Moments of 2015

    Kai Greene and Krystal Lavenne take a look back at the entire year of 2015 in bodybuilding. From Arnold Schwarzenegger revealing his harsh criticisms all the way to... yes, Kai Greene not competing at the Mr. Olympia. Was this ultimately a good year for bodybuilding? Kai and Krystal hash it out.
  • Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015
  • EP 08: Essential Ins-and-Outs of Pro Bodybuilding Judging

    No matter how much muscle you pack on. No matter how much you train in the gym. It all means nothing if you don't know how to maximize your showmanship for the judges on the competition stage. With little transparency in the IFBB judging system - Kai Greene gives valuable insight into how the judging works on a pro level and how bodybuilders can step up their game to best appeal to the judges.
  • Wednesday, December 16th, 2015
  • How to Avoid Injury Training at the Pro Level

    Straight off the heels of Kai Greene's epic one man show in NYC - Kai and Krystal talk about the revealing nature of Kai's BELIEVE event and then dive straight into injuries in pro bodybuilding. How it can completely transform a pro's career and how to avoid them.
  • Wednesday, December 9th, 2015
  • EP 06: Arnold Classic Prep, Guest Posing in Moscow, and the Training Mindset After Missing Mr. Olympia

    Kai Greene has been busy even in the off season. He has to start prepping for the Arnold Classic 2016, perform a never before seen one-man show called BELIEVE, and continue to make guest appearances all across the world - this week was Moscow, Russia. Kai breaks down how he prepares both mentally and physically for a major competition like the Arnold Classic and a deeply personal performance in BELIEVE. He also answers a key fan question: What was it like training for the first time after not competing at Mr. Olympia 2015?
  • Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015
  • EP 05: Beyond Bodybuilding: What Happens After Retirement?

    Every sport has a prime age, so what happens to bodybuilders after they've hit their prime and stop tackling Mr. Olympia competitions? With athletes like Dexter Jackson still hitting top spots at the age of 47 - when is it time for a bodybuilder to retire and how do they stay relevant afterwards? Kai and Krystal talk on how to keep the bodybuilding lifestyle after the competing ends and time starts putting more pressure on your body.
  • Tuesday, November 24th, 2015
  • Pros and Cons of Bodybuilding in NYC

    There's no getting around it - pro bodybuilders are massive and take up a lot of space. So what's it like when a pro bodybuilder like Kai Greene has to live his day-in day-out life in the packed streets of NYC? Krystal and Kai share their personal experiences of bodybuilding in New York City and the pros and cons of making it big in a city with so much competition... and so little space.
  • Wednesday, November 18th, 2015
  • Bigorexia: Can You Ever Be Big Enough?

    Can a bodybuilder ever be big enough? Kai Greene and Krystal Lavenne dig into the mentality behind building massive muscle. Can bodybuilders ever be satisfied with their size? Or will they always want to be bigger?
  • Wednesday, November 11th, 2015
  • Breaking Into Bodybuilding

    Kai Greene and Krystal Lavenne dive deep into their personal experiences with their first ever bodybuilding competitions and give advice on how to break into the industry.
  • Wednesday, November 4th, 2015
  • Welcome to the First Ever Generation Iron Podcast!

    In the very first episode of the Generation Iron Podcast, Kai Greene and Krystal Lavenne dig deep into their personal histories and how it made them the strong competitors that they are today. Kai covers his past as a ward of the state. Krystal covers her battle with cancer.

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